A Risk Free Sports Betting System

Can anyone provide you with a risk free sports betting system? The concept of sports betting is like investing in the stock market. When you invest money in the stock market, you try to find out the inefficiencies in pricing, that is, you try to find a stock that is cheap, given its business credentials, and you invest money in that stock in the belief that it will appreciate over time and you will earn decent profits. This is true for any investment that we may make. If we can learn to discern the correct price better than the average person out there, we can be successful.

The secret to success lies in figuring out how to beat the average person on the market. You need to rely on the experts, that is, the professional sports handicappers. If you partner with a good sports handicapper, it is like getting insider information regarding the company on the stock market. You get to know priceless information before the market knows about it and has discounted the price. So you go ahead and place your investment before the average person on the market does, thereby putting yourself in place for a great profit. However, there are risks involved. Even experts cannot provide you with a risk free sports betting system. However it is much more reliable to rely on the sports handicappers than to do it on your own.

Good sports handicappers can spot the inefficiencies with particular games easily and so they can come up with accurate predictions based on solid mathematical and statistical techniques. However, the reason why most people lose is they do not have discipline and money management skills. In fact a risk free sports betting system would be one in which the factors that usually count in identifying a sure bet are limited. The so called sure bets that are placed are mainly bets made on irrelevant matches or bets rather than on the sport itself. That is why such systems fail and fail badly.

To devise a risk free sports betting system, you need to work backwards. You need to identify the factors that determine the outcome of the match or match. You need to limit the risks in the sports betting equation and you need to limit the amount of your investment. The development of a risk free sports betting system should be thought in terms of the return you expect to make per each investment. This is the amount of money you would like to make from each investment. In order to achieve this goal, there are a number of risk free sports betting systems that have been developed. However, not all of them are created equal.

A risk free sports betting system can be defined as a set of events that has no identified ridges, no special betting conditions, no taxes and no returns on winnings. Such a system should NOT be based on a single event. Rather it should involve a combination of several bets. Each bet should be very small and not depend on the previous bet. Remember that the only sure bet isimplete.

This concept is best explained by the following quote from an unresolved problem. Unfortunately too many people never get it. quote: “There are more things in the world than are seen in the morning newspaper.”

Consider the following issues.

1st: What do you know about the individuals that make sports betting systems and are they experts who have done the research? That information is behind the research. This is the primary information on your key players.

2nd: What do you know about the ones who make sports betting systems and are they experts who have done the research? That information is also behind the research. You need to know if the system was developed by one of the best. That information is also behind the information on your key players.

3rd: What do you know about the odds makers and the way they set the football lines? This is also behind the research. The sports odds makers are the ones that set the football lines. If your key players aren’t being paid to play football, then it would be tough to say where your money is going to go. If you find out that the odds makers are Johnny’s twos, then you can add some more to the equation.

4th: Does your top pick have a known injury? If not and he is a key player, he will most likely still be the favorite despite the injury. Your bankroll will go up instead of down. Therefore, you shouldn’t slate your picks based solely on the fact that a key player might miss the game.

The football predictions that you get with a proven and verifiable system are the best. Getting the most value for your money is what will determine your bankroll and your ability to grind out a living. Will the underdogs have an extra scoring threat in a game? Can key players not play due to injury or illness? Can the spreads be trusted?

The more you know about the teams, the better!

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